Retro Gaming

So I thought I’d start by explaining why I am writing about retro video games. Simple answer, I enjoy them! I enjoyed them when I was younger and I still enjoy exploring them now. I think that these games still have a value, not just as a historic background to the video games being made today, but actually as enjoyable experiences for new or modern gamers.

I wont lie and say that I do not enjoy modern gaming, I am astounded by some of the things that are created for our enjoyment. However I am more astounded by what developers created when they didn’t have the scope, the graphics and the power that modern consoles have today.

I will make it clear that I am not planning on writing a review on every game that has featured in the ‘top 100 games of all time’ lists (although some classics will undoubtedly appear!) Instead I am going to play games now and write about them. Some of these games I will have played before and some will be favourites of mine but I will also be trying to play games for the first time and share my findings.

My own experiences from my youth revolve around the Master System, Mega Drive, SNES and PlayStation so expect these consoles to feature. However I will be making an effort (in the name of research!)  to ensure that I explore some of the other consoles that have been released.

Some of the games I will play on the original formats, I prefer to do this where possible, however where that is not possible I will play reboots. My first purchase on my Xbox One was the ‘Rare Replay’ collection which immediately gave me access to a collection of my old favourites and some games which I had never come across before. The Xbox live option certainly offers you a selection of classics to download and play which I have made extensive use of. Explaining to my friends that I have a hard-drive full of old games and that it wasn’t a complete waste of money has been challenging at times.

Of course the cynics will state that this is just an excuse to play some video games.. Well they would be right. However I’m hoping that I can get away with it more in the name of ‘research’ (flash back to playing Age of Empires II and telling my mother it was in preparation for my history exams) However there is such a wealth of brilliant older games that require attention I might be playing for quite a while…

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